Below is a selection of Stuart’s most popular songs and instrumentals followed by comments from music industry professionals and other composers in the TV/Film industry.



FACE THE TRUTH                                                         34 HOLY  (PERPETUAL MUSIC GROUP)

SHAKE IT UP!!                                                               THE BRIDE

NO GOOD FOR ME (NEW LOVE)                                  SOCK ROCK

KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE                                              DREAM HOLIDAY

ANYTHING 4 U                                                               34FAST

Industry Feedback


"This is a beautiful peice of music! We would like to pitch it to our client!

 - White Knight Worldwide Media Submissions Department

"This is very good and I will pass it on to my associates. I will consider it for a film we are working on in the new year. Love the choral addition!! - Wayne Thompson at Whamzoo

A very nice composition, with a dark medieval tone. There's a sort of creeping element to it, which I like. It's very cinematic, would be suited for a murder mystery film, set in the 15th Century!” -  Wills at

Like this alot. Very emotive”  -  Stevi Tovey (Singer/Songwriter)



Very soft and strong, I like the build-up and the audio sense. The ending is superb!” Rich Lodato(Singer/Songwriter)



”Chill right to the core, man!” – Anon

I got to your website and listened to some of your music, they were amazing and possess good quality music and sound” 

Maria Modirzadeh (Executive Producer), Golden Fleece Australia (Pty) Ltd, Canberra


Thank you for the recommended compositions. I am happy to tell you that they are every bit exactly what I am looking for. They really capture the essence of the film”                                                        

Johnathan Ross (Filmmaker), Florida.


Stuart’s music is very cinematic”                                                                                                                

Amour Elliot-Setter (Executive Producer), The Excellence Factory (Pty) Ltd, Johannseburg.


"Your music fits perfectly for the investigating scenes! I will definitely put 34FAST on the main one where a cop finds the suicide note."

Karina Vidal (FilmMaker), Tuscon, Arizona


“Very impressed” - David Hyner, Stretch Development Ltd

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